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Friday, November 30, 2012

Aagje F http://gradido.net/en/fatima/c/1/being_an_artist
'The Land of Mu''
The only thing I want, the only thing I´ll do,
is to return in my heart, to the land of Mu.
The wales are calling me, the dolphins to.
They are telling me, what 

to do.
Spread the Love, spread the Light.
You know the needs, of all man kind.

If the sun go´s down, into the see.
I feel how they are calling me.
The deepest Love, I never felt before,
now I know it, I want more and more.
Since my eyes saw the Light, I´m no longer blind.
My heart is telling me to whom I belong to

The only thing I want, the only thing I´ll do.
is to return in my heart, to the land of Mu.


Thanks for sharing. I read your "Land of mu" and It reminds me of a song I wrote "The Cup" it has wales and dolphins in the music. It tells a story about my life. I am also searching for the land of Mu.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aagje F .....(a friend from tagged.com)........ When does mankind understand that material things ultimately have no value. The material things that exist are toys of mother earth, that her children can play a while with, the time they are on the earth. We come with nothing and we go again with empty hands. But everyone fights with everyone and claims that there are personal belongings.
This is not true. The actual values ​​are in the human, the fellowship, the love and respect. Those are things that are valuable and that our soul also takes with him if we go back there where we came from. ----------------------------------- Craig Balunsat.................. I like what you're saying. I had just been thinking how hard it is for us to realize this when the language of lies and the very words we are taught, like property, owner, such words are lies and should be stricken from our language. As you were talking about above, I also feel it is impossible to own anything visible to the eye. It all belongs to the creator, mother, father, parent god. We children make use of the resources we see with our eyes, but it is not ours. Therefore, it is wrong to lust after resources and try to think we are masters of it. When will we learn we are all children of the creator. The plants, trees, animals and all living things are our relations. We are not the masters. We are supposed to love and protect our relations, not own them as masters, thinking to make slaves of what we see with our eyes. The only thing we have to share that is truly ours, is our heart, our love, our life, that we work to put into the resources we see with ours eyes. It is this love that we put into the resources that we have the right to share and claim as ours, but not the material objects. The objects only represent and house the love that we share with our relations. This is why when you give but your heart is not in it, you have given nothing.