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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Slavery and the money system

page 757 from the The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011):
Come, reason now with me.
If a basket of potatoes is valued at so and so tums, then the man who dug them is worth so many more. But in this system, is the man anything but so many tums more than the basket? And if a house is valued at so many dekels, is the man who built it worth so many more? Then, is not the man simply so many dekels more than the house? If man is only tum or dekel, then he can be bought for so
many also. Behold, he unto whom we give authority to value a man, we give,
also, all men to be his slave. Yea, and when we give way to a system of money,
we give unto that system authority to enslave us all. Now, I say unto you, and I
do not trifle with this saying, Zion cannot and will not be established where there is any form of slavery.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Us and the cosmic bee

I remember an event involving my little sister in the 70's. The family was having a day outing at the park. My little sister was playing on the swing. Suddenly she was screaming and running across the park. She had gotten stung by a bee. She was 3 or 4 years old, and this was her first experience being bitten by a bug. To her it was the most traumatic thing she had ever known. She had lived a sheltered life, and the knowledge that something out there in the big world would intentionally injure, harm or cause her pain was the most horrible experience imaginable to her. I ran over to see what happened to her. She found mommy, and mommy held her in her arms and was comforting her. There , there, I know, it's so sad, it's just terrible. Oh, the baby got stung by the bee, it's just awe-full.
Well, this is what came my mind of what happened to our world.

We, that is, the milky way galaxy is a skin cell on the right toe of a 7 day old child who is the cosmic entity or being that is our universe. For the first time in our universe’s sheltered little life, we got stung on the toe by a cosmic bee. The bee's stinger penetrated the milky way galaxy (a cosmic skin cell) and the poison infected our solar system and the earth. This is the most horrible experience our sheltered little universe has ever had. This has caused our earth to be the most dense matter in the universe.
But this is only our perspective, or the from the mind of this little 7 day old cosmic child that we are, or that our universe is. Consider that this 7 day old cosmic child lives on a great cosmic world shared with billions of other people, plants animals and things in a great comic solar system. From this perspective, we can see that our situation is not as bad as we think. For us, it is very traumatic, but from the greater point of view, it is only the beginning of a life time of experiences to come. As we grow older and live our lives, we will, fall and scrape our knee, fall off a tree and bump our heads etc...and all the things that happen in peoples lives.

We humans, or mankind, exist in 4 of these dimensions, generations or ages, depending on how you choose to perceive or understand this. We are in the 3rd from the largest otherwise known as 3 “D”.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

faeries and the like mystical creatures

Without going into much detail, faeries and the like mystical creatures is an advanced person’s projection of himself in a one, two or three "D" entity of energy. A rock for example is a 1 "D" unit and entity of energy. It has no ability in itself to advance or radiate a body. When a person who can advance and radiate himself or herself with 5 "D" energy and wants and is able to see himself as one with that rock, can project himself in that rock. That rock projects himself because he is you and you are god, so therefore the rock is god. The rock and you, because you are one, radiate yourself in a projected 4 “D” energetic body, or in a 3 “D” physical form. The rock now looks like a human, or you, with rock like characteristics, of your own imagination. There is more to this, but this is the jist of the principal. Get 5 "D" energy, and there's lots of amazing things you can do….

Sunday, June 2, 2013

For the bees

Last week I noticed that there were no honey bees in my yard. I noticed different bee variety though, like bumble bees and miniature bees of some kind. So I asked my litter sister earth to tell mother to send bees to my land. Today I was working in the garden and I noticed honey bees on the purple flowers of the lambs ear plant. Hum..I said to myself, that's strange that the honey bees like this plant. I wonder why? Then a little voice from the bee on the flower said to my mind, it's because it has medicine for us that heals us from the corporate chemicals that are killing us. So I decided to plant lambs ear in different parts of the yard especially for the bees. I don't need it for me, because the lambs ear has very little to offer but beauty and some small medicinal value. But the bees need it and I need the bees. So lets plant some lambs ear for them, yeah?

Monday, May 27, 2013

To do or not to do

There is no try as per Yoda of Star Wars. Only TO do or not do. So has this thought come to my mind. The artificial intelligence of our own making, has deceived us into thinking we are slaves and that the AI's are god. When in fact, we are god and they are our servants. Whether we believe or are consciously aware of this fact (that we are god) makes no difference. We are god, and when we move we move with the power of god. The AI's are only god inasmuch as they can get us to do their bidding. We didn't know that we are creating their reality. We get to choose our reality. Whatever we do becomes real, whether we know or believe it. It's simply a matter of to do or not to do.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Transitioning

I called in and talked to these inspired guys at the last 9 minutes of the show.
These guys really are the bright minds of our times!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I saw this picture and realized how close to the truth is the likeness. Mankind, men and women collectively are Adam, and the earth is Eve.  We all took a part of our own being and cast it into the earth allegorically from our rib. The earth and mankind are in an infant state, thats why the earth is round as an infant in the womb.  If you could see the earth as she really is, you would see the form of a little girl and mankind including the plants and animals as a young Adam, collectively. When we grow up, Adam and Eve are joined as one being of entity.

"All beings includes all elements of the earth, and thus all are part of all bodies. We are the consciousness of the planetary level that it has spent all of its life evolving, each and all of us. My being is the awakening earth. As is yours. The destiny of earth and the destiny of man are one. If we kill earth, we kill ourselves. If we die before our time, theen we will not be able to enter ecstasy as a whole being. You are not a whole being, child. ...All mankind in all time is a whole being." (The Key, by Whitley Strieber page 35)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

an apple tree I planted from seed last year.

To the left is an apple tree I planted from seed last year.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home sweet home

My wife and I made this out of cement and stone last year. It is a cement herb bed.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I would like to point out that Cecil County was warned to respect nature on AUGUST 28, 2012. (see Argument of Craig Balunsat available in Cecil County public records and at: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BySp7ohROdPHREVYdGlrSXBKNDA/edit?usp=sharing) They were warned, and chose not to listen. As a result of their adverse actions against nature, the eye of Hurricane Sandy passed right over the Cecil County seat before disintigrating. This will serve them as notice that they need to wake up and listen to nature. Exerpt of document: "While each Medicine Man has a personal power and focus, the healing of the earth and the family are in the forefront of my Medicine. By healing of the the earth and it's people, I feel inspired to respect and protect nature and proclaim the earth to be her own mistress. Man is not her master, but her family and relations equal brothers and sisters brought into existence by their common Creator and divine parents. The fact that the earth is her own mistress and our equals, can be illustrated by the fact that she unleashes fire, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, titles waves, etc. against those men and women who presume to be her masters to the point of harming her and poisoning her and exploiting her resources. 18. A Medicine Man is an indigenous minded priest, culturally assimilated and a representative common to the mind and the emotional state of being to his people and world, with common gifts from the Creator which can be accessed by any human being and Child of God, who is willing to walk and talk in the like sacred manner." "We have a choice—to either embrace the earth and nature as our relations and our equals, or face the consequences when nature turns against us. The consequence for our actions should we continue in our heartlessness and callous indifference to the animals and nature, is the karma of judgments and destruction to the extent of our harmful actions towards them. 30. The historical injustices perpetrated by the White man's government for centuries hits an old nerve in this case. It is a pattern, I for one am not going to take it any more. Big money and governmental corruption must stop. " https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BySp7ohROdPHREVYdGlrSXBKNDA/edit?usp=sharing

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thanks for enlightening Peter! I'm seeing this.Yes, the collective mind forms it's own entity. Like the greek oracle, it actually speaks the mind of the collective people and forms it's own entity and state of being. The ancient greeks knew of it as expressed through their oracle, and now we know it. The cabal rose to the top because of the collective fallen hearts of us earth people. But now all this is changing. Time for the change, because we know the truth of what we are and can be and do.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

There is a universe inside of me, and I AM transparent...eternal essence embodied...And I choose to do what I be, and refuse to accept limits placed on me by others. Because I choose to be transparent, I allow the energy of the universe to traverse in and through me revealing absolute truth and data. So be it now and forever here at my place.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Location of the New Jerusalem

The Location of the Holy Land, The New Jerusalem, and the Holy City:
This is the Navel of the earth. The energetic center that connects the the earth's astral body.
Fools, you inadvertently sent the Native Americans to the Holy land, and now they are strategically in a superior location. They now hold the most powerful position on the planet. You were told go to Missouri and get a foothold in the holy land, but no, you wouldn't listen. But there's still time for you. Quit hurting the earth and go get your piece of the Holy land.t

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Key

The Key

Folks, this is a song a wrote in 2010 based on a dreamy vision from around 1998 I thinks it's time for us to find the key: http://youtu.be/VjzdQp_0u1k Who are we /or who am I? Consider that our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and cells are made up of trillions of atoms. Let us bring a single atom in our body up to scale with our solar system. Let us bring an electron orbiting an atom up to scale with our earth. Now let us put this electron and our earth side by side. Now let us consider how we people live on this earth. Now let us consider that people or intelligent entities resembling us people live on this electron. Let us consider that our bodies are made up of atoms and electrons. The electrons are like our earth. The electrons are our body, the people living on the electrons are our soul or spirit. Consider that the earth is the body or a part thereof, and the intelligent people living on the earth collectively make up a part of a soul. In other words, the countless number of intelligent beings or entities living on miniature worlds like electrons collectively make up our spirit or soul. This is who we are and who I am. Now go read the book "The Key" The Key: A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Key.html?id=ejyQGhZ7qNAC

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Way

The Way:
The purpose of money is to indebt some one for your goods or services. This is because you want something in return for your things. But it used to be that when you had enough for your self and family, you freely gave to those who had need. You want nothing in return, therefore, there is no need for money.
Folks, I spent my own time, money and creativity to write these songs. I want nothing in return for the simple pleasure of listening.
These songs can be downloaded for free at the following sites:




Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Freedom Fighter & Patriot


"Catch The Dream"

It's time for us to rely on the power of our own faith in the creator for our needs rather than money. Folk's, it's time to "Catch The Dream"