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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


My grandparents, Antonio Balunsat and Maria Padilla were from Solano in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. I became interested in the people and land from Solano. They were my relatives and ancestors. Upon researching I found some interesting information about the land and people. The true history is little known. This is because the land and people are remnants of Lemuria. Back 25 thousand years ago, the continent of Lemuria sank into the pacific ocean. The Philippines as well as the Polynesian islands are a remnant of Lemuria. This includes the land and peoples. These Islands and people are what's left of the original land and people of Lemuria. When Lemuria submerged, many of the Lemurians relocated to other countries and colonized other parts of the world. In the case of the above mentioned Islands, they did not relocate, but are remnants of and what remains left of the original land and people of Lemuria. The Phoenix Journals tells of how the Philippine Islands are called the Bird tribe and the native Americans are called the Lion tribe. They are both remnants of the Lemurians. The Phoenix Journals also go on to explain how a Lemurian city is resurfacing and rising from the ocean depths around the area of Cebu. 

What is also little known and explained in the Phoenix Journals, is that Israel means god's chosen people, and has nothing to do with the Jews, but instead, refers to the Lemurian people. There were 10 lost Lemerian tribes of lore, who resurfaced and were discovered among the Shepard Kings of Persia. These people of the 10 lost Lemurian tribes of Israel relocated from Persia to Egypt during a time of famine. The 10 tribes then did relocate to Israel, and were dispersed mostly to Europe, where they mingled and merged with the pleiadian colonists of the North. A group of pleadians had shipwrecked in the North around 10 thousand years ago and colonized the area. They merged and mixed with the above mentioned 10 Lost Lemurian tribes of Israel, to form a new race we call the white race people of Europe. So when the Spanish and other Europeans discovered the Philippine tribes around Solano, they didn't have a clue who they were dealing with or who these people were. 
Read More here at: https://www.balunsat.org/02/craigsplace/articles04/solano.html

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